Powerful Owl in Sherbrooke Forest

March 15, 2014

Once in a while something catches your eye in the forest, you turn and look, and there's a Powerful Owl staring back at you.

That's what happened the other day when we went for a walk in Sherbrooke Forest in Melbourne's Dandenong Ranges. Owls were in the back of my mind as this time of year, they tend to be seen more frequently.

They like overhanging vegetation, a leafy subcanopy like Blackwood trees or Sassafras. Other than that, they don't tend to be too fussy. Seeming to enjoy a view of their surrounds, they will sit quite contently as we stop and admire them.

After we found them a number of walkers followed us back to the spot to take a look. This photo was taken using an iPhone placed up against the eye piece of a small pair of binoculars. The other member of the pair was sitting off to the left, slightly deeper undercover.

Powerful Owls aren't particularly difficult to see. There are plenty reported at the moment in Melbourne itself, including city centre locations such as Williamstown, where they no doubt hunt Brush-tailed Possums and the odd house cat left out at night (another very good reason to abide by cat curfews). We even have them calling in our garden some nights.

Locations visited

Sherbrooke Forest


Land Birds 1 species
Powerful Owl (Ninox strenua) 2



Louise Egerton on April 30, 2014 about Powerful Owl in Sherbrooke Forest

Powerful Owls all over Sydney at the moment, too. A friend even found one in a Hill's fig outside the Library in downtown Mona Vale this week, complete with Ringtail in claw.

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Simon Mustoe

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